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How the process works: Step 1  ~ 1. Appointments: You are welcome to come in to LFTC from Monday to Friday 08:45 for 09:00 and Saturdays 07:45 for 08:00 to make an appointment to do proficiency training.  You then have the option of either making an appointment, collecting and paying for the training material and doing the study and open examination at your leisure at home OR completing the study, open book examination, closed book examination and practical training on the day.  2. Enquiries and training material: Enquiries with regard to training and the collection of training material by clients who wish to study at home takes place between 09:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday and between 08:00 and 14:00 on a Saturday. 3. NOTE:  Saturday training: Should you wish to come on a Saturday to do your proficiency training, it would be advisable  to come in during the week and pay for the manuals beforehand and do the necessary studying at home before coming in on a Saturday.                                                                                                                                        NB: PLEASE BRING TWO CERTIFIED COPIES OF YOUR ID DOCUMENT WITH YOU. Step 2: An instructor will provide the client with the necessary examinations to be written. Each module or category is made up of an open and closed book written examination. Step 3:    Once the written examinations have been completed the client will do the necessary practical training required to complete and pass the particular module. Step 4:   A proficiency training certificate is issued once the client has passed all examinations. Step 5:   On successful completion of the proficiency training, the client can then apply for a Competency Certificate from the SAPS precinct closest to his/her home.  The relevant SAPS 517 (Application for competency certificate) is available on the SAPS website www.saps.gov.za or your local SAPS precinct.   Your local SAPS precinct will also advise you what supporting documentation they require eg: references, proof of residence etc.   Please do not hand in your original LFTC certificates when applying for your SAPS Competency.   You will require the certificates in future when applying for firearms licences, competency renewal applications etc.   Provide the SAPS with certified copies of your certificate.
How the process works
Additional notes: 1. Training time:   Basic training   Basic firearm proficiency training can take up to approximately 5 ½ hours depending on a candidate and number of tests written.  This calculation takes into account  that the learner has pre-registered and completed his formative examinations at home.  Training time required for a learner who has not pre-registered and completed his formative examination at home: Two days.  2. Training time:  Business purposes:   Minimum of 3 days. 3. Please bring own food and drink.   4. The Unit Standard Legal Test is compulsory when applying for SAPS Competency for the first time. 5. Study material and use of the relevant firearm are included in the cost of training. For any further questions please do contact either Jean, or Marvi on 012-664 7622/8 or email us on lftc@icon.co.za